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General Infromation


The following texts is made assessable from the Official Handbook for Department of Women, Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Page 57

National Auxiliary, Band and Unit Colors

Assistant Supervisors

maroon and ivory

Bishop's Wives Circle

white and purple orchid

Business and Professional Women

aqua and blue w/gold

Church Mother's Board

white and gold

Christian Women's Council

black and red flower

Deacon's Wives

black and white

District Missionaries

navy blue w/pink corsages

District Superintendents Wives

periwinkle w/cream accessories & white orchid

Home & Foreign Mission

red & white


black w/yellow flower

Inspirational Team


Minister's Wives Circle


National Evangelists

white and gold

Nurse's Unit

white w/red jacket (official days)

Overcomer's Unit

white/red & white corsage

Public Relations

navy blue and white

Pastor's Aide

purple and gold

Purity Class

powder blue and white

Prayer and Bible Band

black and white

Rescue Squad

red-white and blue



Sewing Circle/Artistic Fingers

burgundy and white

Special Projects


Sunday School Field Representatives

white and aqua

Sunshine Band

yellow shirts

Usher Board

white w/black accessories

We Twelve

royal blue and white

YPWW Chairladies

pink and blue

Young Women's Christian Council

purple w/white orchid


LAYWOMEN-page 72

Laywomen are not credential holders, but in most cases they are some of our great auxliary and unit leaders in the local churches.  They are supporters of the total ministry, working in harmony with the pastor's vision and the church mother/chairperson.  With the proper training these women may become our future leaders.

Therefore, it is needful for these women to be trained to support and observe the total women's ministry, the local, the district, state and national work as directed by the church mother/chairperson, district missionary and supervisor.


The Bible in I Timothy 2:9 admonishes Holy Women to dress in modest apparel.  Acts 1:8 tell us that we shall be witnesses.

As women of God in ministry, we have a responsiblity to reflect the image and identity of that ministry.  We can do this not only in our daily activities but in our dress as well.  How we dress speaks clearly about our character.

The General Supervisior of Women desires all women to dress "as becometh holiness."  In particualr she desires all Credential Holding Women to "walk by the same rule and mind the same things." We have rules of dress for the women in the Church of God in Christ Official Manual and in the Handbook for the Department of women.  The "Dress Code" was offered by the Presiding Bishop and the General Board with the cooperation of the Department of Women.  The rosolution was made and passed in the General Assembly in April, 1972.

Today, in spite of our changing world let us, as holy Women not allow the world to pull us into its mold.  Let us in every possible way lift the standard of Holiness to its highest height.  Let us hold on to the teaching our predecessors and dress as becometh saints.

Holy Women are asked to please be moderate with your make-up and nail polish.  The Bible teaches us to be temperate in all things.


      1.  The attire for the Missionaries of the Church shall be the same as that of the State Supervisors, with one exception:  The white attire should not be worn in the presence of the State Supervisor or General Mother unless directed by them to do so.

      IV.  THE LAYWOMAN 77
      1.  It is hoped that this dress code will encourage the laywomen to return to the old fashioned standard of dressing as becemeth holiness.  Often there are those among us who feel uncomfortable because they are not blessed to have as others.  We feel that this code amplifies the expression of the writer, St. Luke, who said in the Book of kActs, "and they had all things common."  It is hoped that all of our women will refrain from wearing of unneccessary, gaudy attire but will join with our leading women in reminding the world that this is a "difference."
          The attire for the Missionaries of the Church shall be  the same as that of the State Supervisors, with one exception:  The white attire should not be worn in the presence of the State Supervisor or General Mother unless directed by them to do so.

    We close by admonishing our young women and girls to let your manner and your clothing reflect the Jesus that you sing and testify about.  The world is looking for an example, a model, why not be that one.  Most of all, make certain that your hearts are right with the Lord, for it is the "hidden man of the heart."  I Peter 3:3

    Holy Women are asked to refrain from make-up, such as eyeshadow, lipstick, colored fingnail polish, etc.

    Holy women should be careful of accepting the latest fashions, because some of them do not represent modesty in dress.

    Pants are not included in the dress code for Holy women.

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